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Top 10 Tips To Start A WordPress Blog In 2017

Creating and launching an informative blog is insufficient for better results. For this, you need to take it seriously about its structure, content, presentation, promotion and much more.

If you have just begun your WordPress blog and want everyone to read and peruse your content, then you ought to promote it on various online platforms.

Whether your WordPress blog is popular or you are just a beginner, there are always probabilities for improvement and 2017 is a year for such improvements.

In honor of this New Year, here are the top 10 tips for beginning your blog and getting a big traffic in 2017. Continue reading “Top 10 Tips To Start A WordPress Blog In 2017”


Phishing Emails: Top 7 Tips To Prevent Them!

A phishing email is a type of extortion in which digital attacker tries to steal your important information such as login credentials and account details by masquerading as a legitimate entity or a person in an email and other correspondence channels.

Normally, a victim gets a message that seems to have been sent by a known person or an organization. Links or attachments in this message might install malware or they might direct you to a malicious website and steal your personal and financial information such as account IDs, passwords, and credit card details.

Here are the top 7 tips to prevent phishing or spoofing email attacks. Continue reading “Phishing Emails: Top 7 Tips To Prevent Them!”

Project Management Software Importance!

Today, every business aims to deliver its projects on time. With an achievement-focused business, there is zero space for delays. However, when confronted with multiple projects, a company may need a little help monitoring every single important data. When this happens, Project Management Software is the thing that such a company requires.

Project Management Software could significantly improve the efficiency and the productivity of any project whether it is a large project or a small project.

There are assortments of project management software choices available for use and many of which offer the following important features. Continue reading “Project Management Software Importance!”

Shared Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting

As an entrepreneur/individual, when you plan to launch your own website for business, you might have been confused about whether to select a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting or a shared hosting service.

There are some significant differences between shared web hosting and VPS web hosting, so it is very important to do research before taking any decision.

The following are some important differences between the shared web hosting and VPS web hosting services. Continue reading “Shared Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting”

What Is Email Filtering

Do you have any idea about the concept of email filtering? Let’s provide you a quick insight about it in this post!

An email is one of the most common and prominent means of communication, especially in the corporate world.

When we compare an email service to phone calls or text messages, it is considered one of the most formal ways of communication as it has its own particular way of conduct as well as operation. discipline.

But, however, many email services are regularly attacked by redundant and malicious emails, which are called spams. email messages. It is said that more than 60% of the email messages which circulate the email inboxes daily are spam emails.

This basic statistic would help you to understand how widespread email spamming is and how enormous a threat it is in a safe and a significant correspondence through emails.

Here, an email filtering service comes into focus. Email filtering is a processing of emails to arrange them as per specified criteria. It consists of a program which is used to detect unwanted emails and even prevent these emails from getting to your inbox. Continue reading “What Is Email Filtering”

What Is Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is an email-based server platform developed by Microsoft, which runs exclusively on Windows servers. It was initially Microsoft’s email server, but later they published its first version outside as a Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0.

Microsoft Exchange Server enables organizations to achieve a better reliability, consistency and even enhances the performance by simplifying administrative tasks such as creating distribution lists, calendaring, sending emails, archiving email boxes, providing messaging delivery reports, and performing voicemail transcriptions.

Microsoft Exchange Server reduces the expenses of delivering reliable and secure B2B (Business-To-Business) and B2C (Business-To-Customer) emails and even provides the following key advantages. Continue reading “What Is Microsoft Exchange Server”

Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing is an ideal solution for providing IT services in which various resources, such as software applications, networks, computers, storage space, servers, operating platforms and many other resources  are retrieved from the internet via different tools and web-based applications, instead of building  and maintaining an in-house computing infrastructure.

These services are trending in today’s innovation-driven world. With benefits of sharing resources, storage, flexibility and ease of accessibility, a cloud computing system is being used by many IT professionals. Apart from organizations, many people individually also use it for various day-to-day activities. Continue reading “Cloud Computing Architecture”

Domain Name Renewal: 10 Easy Steps!

Domain name renewal forms an important part of owning a domain name successfully & not loosing it to your competitors!

Yes, when you register a domain name, it is registered for a certain period of time such as a few months or years. In order to continue using a registered domain name beyond its expiration date, you would need to renew it from time to time.

For domain name renewal, you should contact your domain name registrar before the expiry date of your domain name.

When you first register your domain name, you are given a chance of choosing the certain duration for that specific domain. After this, you must keep track of the domain expiry date and if you want to renew your domain name, you should do so before the expiry date. Continue reading “Domain Name Renewal: 10 Easy Steps!”

What Is PHP Web Hosting

PHP Web Hosting (previously known as ‘Personal Home Page’ and currently known as ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’) is one of the most popular scripting languages, which is designed to produce and deliver dynamic web pages.

PHP web hosting is generally a website hosting service, which uses and completely supports the PHP programming language.

Many PHP web hosting service providers offer several inexpensive PHP web hosting plans by using the LAMP (Linux operating system, Apache server software, MySQL database, and PHP programming language) structures.

PHP is an open source web development programming language, which is totally free to install and use. PHP command codes are embedded in HTML templates and are run on the web hosting server before being sent to a web browser.

PHP is an extremely powerful and popular programming language with a variety of applications, which is generally used in creating dynamic websites.  Continue reading “What Is PHP Web Hosting”

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