PHP Web Hosting (previously known as ‘Personal Home Page’ and currently known as ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’) is one of the most popular scripting languages, which is designed to produce and deliver dynamic web pages.

PHP web hosting is generally a website hosting service, which uses and completely supports the PHP programming language.

Many PHP web hosting service providers offer several inexpensive PHP web hosting plans by using the LAMP (Linux operating system, Apache server software, MySQL database, and PHP programming language) structures.

PHP is an open source web development programming language, which is totally free to install and use. PHP command codes are embedded in HTML templates and are run on the web hosting server before being sent to a web browser.

PHP is an extremely powerful and popular programming language with a variety of applications, which is generally used in creating dynamic websites. 

Building websites with PHP source codes are fully compatible with various popular mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. Many popular websites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and more are written using PHP language.

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the most commonly used free content management systems (CMSs), which are also written using PHP.

Many webmasters select these platforms to create their websites due to their flexibility.

Yes, there are a number of plugins and themes that are created for these platforms and you could create a professional website based on these themes and plugins with only a few clicks and you could even change the PHP coding to fulfill your business needs.

Thus, PHP scripting language offers a plethora of advantages.

Here are some top reasons why you should choose a PHP web hosting service.

PHP Web Hosting – Major Reasons You Should Go For It!

  1. Free Of Cost

PHP is an open source programming language, which is created and upgraded by website designers from around the world. So, all of its components are free to install, use and distribute.

  1. Capable

PHP could be used to create several types of websites and could handle them with a huge amount of traffic. There are various popular websites such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook and many others that are widely visited and use PHP as their framework.

As PHP is a server-side scripting language, it could do anything that Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs could do.

  1. Platform Independent

PHP is a platform independent language and it could be run on all major Operating Systems (OS) such as Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS.

  1. Support Major Web Servers

PHP commonly supports all web servers such as Microsoft IIS, Apache, iPlanet server, personal web servers and more.

  1. Support Major Databases

It usually supports all databases such as MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, dBase, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), FrontBase database, InterBase database and more.

  1. More Secure

PHP is one of the most secure as well as stable scripting languages amongst others. An open-source community continuously improves PHP’s properties and fixes any bugs and malware that are found.

  1. Faster Web Development

PHP utilizes its own memory and thus the workload of the web server and the loading time gets decreased consequently, which results in the faster application processing speed.

Along with this, it minimizes the web deployment time with regards to the web applications such as e-Commerce, CMS, CRM and more.

  1. Proven, Tested & Trusted

As PHP programming language has been used for more than two decades by a number of individuals, its abilities and versatility have been proven and tested, and consequently trusted by the most web developers.

As the most well-known programming language over the internet, PHP is a perfect and compatible with any web hosting plans. Many PHP web hosting providers host your website on a Linux server.

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