Domain name renewal forms an important part of owning a domain name successfully & not loosing it to your competitors!

Yes, when you register a domain name, it is registered for a certain period of time such as a few months or years. In order to continue using a registered domain name beyond its expiration date, you would need to renew it from time to time.

For domain name renewal, you should contact your domain name registrar before the expiry date of your domain name.

When you first register your domain name, you are given a chance of choosing the certain duration for that specific domain. After this, you must keep track of the domain expiry date and if you want to renew your domain name, you should do so before the expiry date.

Your domain name registrar could also send domain name renewal notifications through emails to your registered email address generally based on the following schedules-

  • First domain name renewal notification will be sent around one month before the domain expiration date.
  • Second domain renewal notification will be sent roughly five days before the domain expiry date.
  • Third domain renewal notification will be sent instantly after the domain expiry date.

This makes you easier to renew your domain name on time.

When you register your domain name, make sure to update the WHOIS data, which contains your email address. Later, when the time comes for domain renewal, you would get email reminders.

If you don’t want to depend on emails, you could perform a WHOIS search for your domain name, and could check its expiration date.

If you are supposed to use your domain for a long time, you must consider registering as well as renewing it for more than a year.

You can even decide to transfer your domain name to another domain name registrar when it is time to renew a domain name registration as he/she might offer better terms for your domain renewal.

To renew your domain name, please follow the following steps.

Login into your domain account from BookMyIdentity by clicking the Login/Sign Up in the upper right corner of the homepage.



Login into your account by providing your credentials such as your Email and Password and then click on Sign In



This will take you to the Homepage. Now, click on My Account in the upper right corner.


Click List/Search Orders from the Manage Orders menu’s drop-down list.


Here, you will see a list of all your registered domain names along with their detailed information including expiry date.

Select a domain name that you want to renew along with its renewal period.


Click on the Renew button.

The next page will display your domain name renewal order summary. Select the number of years that you wish to renew your domain name from a drop-down list and click the Renew Orders 


Make an online payment and your domain renewal order will automatically get processed as soon as your payment is reflected in the system.

You will get a confirmation email at your registered email address after completion of your renewal request.

Thus, you could renew your domain name within seconds with BookMyIdentity.

Along with domain name registration, it also offers a wide range of online services such as web hosting, website building, website security, email hosting and much more at reasonable costs!


How Can You Renew Your Domain Name