Cloud computing is an ideal solution for providing IT services in which various resources, such as software applications, networks, computers, storage space, servers, operating platforms and many other resources  are retrieved from the internet via different tools and web-based applications, instead of building  and maintaining an in-house computing infrastructure.

These services are trending in today’s innovation-driven world. With benefits of sharing resources, storage, flexibility and ease of accessibility, a cloud computing system is being used by many IT professionals. Apart from organizations, many people individually also use it for various day-to-day activities.

Cloud Computing Architecture

A cloud computing architecture contains various components, which build the structure of a cloud computing system.

Comprehensively, this is categorized into two parts-

  1. Front End
  2. Back End

These both ends are connected with each other through the internet or a virtual network. Along with this, there are other different components such as Cloud Resources, Middleware and more, which are incorporated into the cloud computing architecture.


  1. Front End

The front end is a cloud computing side, which is visible to a customer or a client. It includes a customer’s computer system and network, which is generally used for accessing it. It consists of various applications and user interfaces that are required to access different cloud computing platforms.

For email services, the support is driven from various web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and more. Other kinds of similar services have some unique applications that provide a network access to its customers.

  1. Back End

The back end is a cloud computing side, which is used by the service provider. It contains all types of resources that are required to provide different related services. It includes huge data storage, computers, servers, virtual machines, deployment models, service models, security mechanism and more.

This system could include various kinds of computer programs.  Every program in this service is managed by its own dedicated web server.

The following are some important responsibilities that the back end side should fulfill towards a customer.

  1. To provide a security mechanism and a traffic control.
  2. To employ various protocols that would help connect computing devices to communicate with each other.


There is one central web server, which is used to manage the whole cloud computing system. This would help make both ends run smoothly with no disturbance. This complete process follows a fixed set of rules and regulations called Protocols.  Additionally, software called Middleware is generally used to perform cloud computing processes. It connects all networked computers to each other.

Cloud computing applications are practically boundless. With a right Middleware, it could execute all types of programs that a typical computer could run.

Conceivably, everything from generic software to different customized software programs designed for a particular organization cloud work by using a cloud computing system.

The best examples of it are web services such as Yahoo and Gmail. When someone receives or sends an email, he/she never requires any software application installed on his/her computer. A user simply needs an internet connection to send as well as receive emails.

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Cloud Computing Architecture

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