Microsoft Exchange Server is an email-based server platform developed by Microsoft, which runs exclusively on Windows servers. It was initially Microsoft’s email server, but later they published its first version outside as a Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0.

Microsoft Exchange Server enables organizations to achieve a better reliability, consistency and even enhances the performance by simplifying administrative tasks such as creating distribution lists, calendaring, sending emails, archiving email boxes, providing messaging delivery reports, and performing voicemail transcriptions.

Microsoft Exchange Server reduces the expenses of delivering reliable and secure B2B (Business-To-Business) and B2C (Business-To-Customer) emails and even provides the following key advantages.

Microsoft Exchange Server Advantages

  • Reliable & Easy-To-Use Messaging Platform

Microsoft Exchange Server offers an easy-to-use and a reliable messaging platform, which enables organizations to minimize administrative tasks and help desk overhead expenses with the help of its feature-rich administrative capabilities and functionalities. It also provides bigger mailboxes without the expenses of additional storage space.

  • Increases Staff Productivity

Microsoft Exchange Server helps improve the staff productivity by offering users an access to their emails as well as communications from their home, work, and even away from the office, anywhere in the world. It increases business efficiency by simplifying correspondence and offers an effective and a rapid means of communication.

  • Reduces Communication Costs

Microsoft Exchange Server minimizes the communication costs as it is a cheap and a quick method to email clients or vendors than to call them, or send a letter or a fax.

An email messaging service uses exchange servers, which enables organizations to be responsive to client inquiries or queries, resulting in greater client satisfaction.

Microsoft Exchange

  • Offers Great Security Feature

Microsoft Exchange Server offers more prominent security than fax or mail based communications. It enables organizations to protect a client’s sensitive data and even offers archiving, maintenance and customer leakage security features to accomplish and maintain compliance with the government and business regulations.

  • Wireless Synchronization

Microsoft Exchange Server allows organizations to synchronize their data with all major mobile computing devices. Thus, you could access your calendars, contacts, and emails from your smartphone, tablet, or iPad to never miss important messages as well as meetings while on the go.

  • Data Storage Support

With the help of Microsoft Exchange Server, you could share files quickly and effortlessly without any additional software. It offers organizations a full control over data access as well as data storage, which is an essential requirement for organizations.

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