As an entrepreneur/individual, when you plan to launch your own website for business, you might have been confused about whether to select a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting or a shared hosting service.

There are some significant differences between shared web hosting and VPS web hosting, so it is very important to do research before taking any decision.

The following are some important differences between the shared web hosting and VPS web hosting services.

Shared Hosting & VPS Hosting – Major Differences!

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is a website hosting service where numerous websites share a single server. All website owners have a distinct directory where they could upload their files. This is one of the most economical hosting options as all clients share the overall expenses of a server.

SmartArt Web 2.0Under a shared web hosting service, a server is administered by a web hosting service provider and a server administrator is responsible for different technical tasks such as installing server software, managing servers, technical support, security updates, and more.

Shared web hosting servers usually use various control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, InterWorx, and DirectAdmin, which allow clients to manage their websites appropriately.

You could select a shared web hosting service if you fall in any of the categories

  • Having the plan to start up a new business using your own particular or acquired capital.
  • Expecting a very low initial rate of website visitors.
  • Wanting to host and maintain a website, and a couple of journals and blogs.
  • A limited number of business email accounts to be setup as you  have a predetermined number of employees presently.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine generated on a physical server. A web hosting service provider makes multiple virtual private servers on a single physical server and gives access to their clients.

A VPS hosting service is as good as a dedicated web hosting service however with limited resources. VPS hosting offers root access to a client so that he/she could install any software or operating system and even perform any root level undertakings. A VPS hosting option is a little expensive than shared web hosting as it is more powerful and has more benefits and privileges to offer.

You could select a VPS web hosting service from any of the following cases-

  • Expansion of a business beyond a shared web hosting level.
  • Expectations for a noteworthy increment in the internet traffic over the next couples of months.
  • Strategies to work with classified and confidential secured information in your business.
  • Intention to upsurge headcount, which requires a more email capacity.
  • Plan to host many websites, journals, blogs and diverse applications very soon.

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Shared Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting

Know The Vital Differences Between A Shared Hosting & A VPS Hosting Platform