Creating and launching an informative blog is insufficient for better results. For this, you need to take it seriously about its structure, content, presentation, promotion and much more.

If you have just begun your WordPress blog and want everyone to read and peruse your content, then you ought to promote it on various online platforms.

Whether your WordPress blog is popular or you are just a beginner, there are always probabilities for improvement and 2017 is a year for such improvements.

In honor of this New Year, here are the top 10 tips for beginning your blog and getting a big traffic in 2017.

WordPress Blog Starting Tips 2017 

  1. Do Keywords Research To Find Good Topics That Individuals Are Actually Searching For

When starting a blog, many individuals would blog about everything and anything in hopes that it would capture some interest. But actually, without any types of content strategies, you are simply tossing things at the wall and trusting that something sticks.

Keywords research empowers you to concentrate on the subjects and themes that individuals are actually searching for when they type in their search terms into search engines.

A tool such as Google Trends not only helps you to find the recent keywords, but it also helps you to remain on the top of what is trending in your market zone.

  1. Create Quality & Engaging Content

It is one of the most important things to create an effective web presence of your blog. So you need to create an informative, quality and engaging content for your WordPress blogs.

You should prepare such blog posts that help your readers solve their problems and even give them a rich perusing experience.

  1. Make Your Blogs Easy For Readers To Consume

Whether you have short blogs or longer articles, make sure that they are easy to read for your readers.

You can use headlines, proper headings, small paragraphs, block quotes, images and even videos to break-up the text.

  1. Ensure That Your WordPress Blog Is Easy To Navigate

Make it simple for readers to your blog to get around your other web pages through a simple navigation structure.

Do not create lots of menus and submenus as they may confuse your target audiences. You should also ensure that individuals know how to return to a home page.

  1. Install The Most Suitable Blog Theme

The overall look and feel of your blog could make or break the reputation of your website. It is an important aspect, which leaves the first and last impression on your visitor’s mind.

So, you ought to look for a blog theme that can delightfully showcase the purpose of your blogs to your readers.

  1. Ensure That Your Blog Is Mobile-Friendly

Your blog requires having a responsive design, which can be seen on various computing devices such as smartphones and tablets.

If your website is not currently responsive, you ought to pick a WordPress theme, which can be seen on almost all computing devices.

  1. Add Your Blog Posts To Social Bookmarking Websites

You can add your blog posts to some popular and trusted social bookmarking websites as they can help drive more traffic to your website.

But, keep in mind that select quality social bookmarking websites to submit your blog posts. Low- quality websites would not benefit your blog and they may hurt you in the long-run.

  1. Create A Search-Optimized Blog Posts

Your blog could rank higher on Google and other search engines by improving the titles and descriptions of your blogs.

WordPress offers a number of robust SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins to create SEO-friendly titles and Meta descriptions for every of your posts.

So, create search-optimized blog posts that should contain relevant keywords, which describe your blog in an appealing way.

  1. Keep Your WordPress Website Secure, Up-To-Date, & Backed Up

All work that you have done to your WordPress website requires protection. If you do not have any plan to secure your website, then it might be hacked by digital attackers.

So, always keep your WordPress website up-to-date and backed up with the proper web security plan that can easily recover your website from being hacked.

  1. Update Your Blog Posts On A Regular Basis

You should ensure that you update your blog posts regularly. Generating regular content provides your visitors something to return to you and lets search engines know that you are serious about what you are doing.

With the help of these proven tips from BookMyIdentity, you can start and promote your WordPress blog all over the web platforms with a target to drive more and more internet traffic and create quality leads.



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